Viennese waltz concerts in the Vienna Kursalon

waltz concerts in the Vienna KursalonEvery evening in the Vienna Kursalon you can listen to the well-known Salonorchester Alt Wien playing a successful mix of waltzes composed by the Strauss Dynasty, famous marches and polkas and some of the most beautiful melodies out of Viennese operettas and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's operas. Kursalon concerts are unique opportunities for all travellers in Vienna to take a trip around the entire Viennese music history and to include classical music in their Vienna city tour programme. The long tradition of the Kursalon - where Johann Strauss himself used to play concerts - together with high-quality musical interpretation by the Salonorchester Alt Wien guarantee an unforgettable music evening and long-lasting joy.

How to order concert tickets: you can book tickets very easily and rapidly for a waltz concert in the Vienna Kursalon thanks to the Viennese ticket office City Tours: the easiest way to order is to use the pre-filled concert tickets booking form. All you have to do is to fill in the form entirely, sign it and send it to the indicated fax number: you will receive a booking confirmation in a very short time.

Concert and dinner

concert and dinner packageAnother very attractive way to enjoy a Viennese waltz concert in the Vienna Kursalon is to combine a Kursalon concert with a dinner at the restaurant "Johann". You can choose between a three-course and a four-course menu - before or after the Kursalon concert. The "Concert and Dinner" package can also be booked through the ticket office City Tours: you can book your concert and dinner evening either online thanks to the concert tickets booking form or by phone at +43 1 966 02 61.

Further concerts in Austria

The Viennese ticket office City Tours provides you with complete information about further concert evenings in Vienna and concerts in the whole Austria on their website

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