Famous Vienna waltzes

We would like to introduce you to some of the most famous Viennese waltzes. We do not believe that it would be enough to just read about the various waltzes - this is why we chose to link to a YouTube video for each waltz we are introducing, so that you can also listen to it. Please remember however that we are in no way responsible for the waltz videos posted on YouTube. If one of the YouTube videos linked on this page happens to breach the copyright, please let us know about it: we will immediately delete it from our website. In advance thank you for your help. We hope you will enjoy our selection of Vienna waltzes!

Selection of Viennese waltzes

Title of the Viennese waltz Composer YouTube video
Die Schönbrunner Josef Lanner
Bajaderen-Walzer Johann Strauss the Father
Huldigungswalzer Johann Strauss the Father
The Blue Danube Johann Strauss the Son
Wiener Blut Johann Strauss the Son
Dorfschwalben aus Österreich Josef Strauss
Glockensignale Walzer Eduard Strauss
Carlotta Walzer Karl Millöcker
Wiener Bürger Carl Michael Ziehrer
Gold and Silver Franz Lehár
My Song of Love
(Mein Liebeslied muß ein Walzer sein)
Robert Stolz

We hope that you enjoyed our selection of Viennese waltzes - and in case you now feel like mixing into the Viennese waltz culture, then we would like to give you two more hints:

Viennese waltz concerts in Vienna

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Where to learn the Viennese waltz

Of course, the best way to enjoy the Viennese waltz music is the way its composers once imagined it - by dancing! To help you make a good appearance at one of the many Viennese balls, you can attend various dance classes in the Viennese dancing schools, book private waltz classes for a travel group or take Viennese waltz individual instruction. If you have any further question regarding the reservation of private waltz classes and booking of private Viennese waltz lessons, please feel free to contact our redaction team at .