Gift vouchers for private waltz instruction

gift vouchers for waltz classesNot only can you attend our Viennese waltz classes yourself, but you can also give them to someone you love thanks to our gift vouchers for private waltz lessons - available in various designs. We also offer you gift vouchers for a few other services that fit just as well for a special occasion. If you are interested in ordering one or several of our gift vouchers, please send us an email at . We would be delighted to advise you about the different kinds of gifts and will send you your gift card immediately. If you are in a hurry, you can also come and get your gift voucher yourself in our sales office.

Available waltz gift vouchers

(Last update: January 2011 - services and prices subject to change)
Name of the gift voucher Price Description
Viennese waltz private instruction EUR 70.00 Private waltz lesson for one or two persons
Gift voucher for a Viennese waltz private lesson - 50 minutes - with a Viennese dance instructor. This gift voucher can be used by Viennese waltz beginners as well as advanced learners who would like to practice the waltz step and improve their posture. Our Viennese waltz gift cards are an excellent gift idea for an engagement - to prepare for the first wedding dance! - or for people travelling to Vienna. When they want to use their gift card, the presentees just have to make an appointment for their Viennese waltz class by calling the +43 1 966 02 61 - and they can enjoy their lesson! Our gift cards for waltz classes are available in the following designs: romance, birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, wedding.
Private Viennese waltz instruction - double time EUR 130.00 "double" private waltz lesson for one or two persons
Gift card for a private waltz lesson - 2 x 50 minutes - with an Austrian dance instructor. Just like the 50-minute instruction, what will be taught during the lesson entirely depends on the presentee's previous knowledge in waltz. To make an appointment for his Viennese waltz lesson, the presentee has to call the +43 1 966 02 61. Gift vouchers available in special designs for a romantic occasion, a wedding, a birthday, Christmas, Mother's Day and Father's Day.
Viennese waltz concert & dinner from EUR 66.00 to EUR 117.00 Concert in the Vienna Kursalon and 3-course dinner
This gift voucher enables its owner to attend a concert in the Vienna Kursalon, with a three-course dinner in restaurant "Johann" either just before or just after the concert. Various concert ticket categories available. This gift card is a perfect gift idea for people travelling in Vienna and is available in the following designs: "Romantic", "Wedding", "Christmas", "New Year", "Birthday", and "Anniversary". To know everything about how to use it, the presentee just has to refer to the text written either on his Kursalon concert + dinner gift card or on its supplementary sheet.

Further romantic gift cards

(Last update: January 2011 - services and prices subject to change)
Name of the gift voucher Price Description
Candlelight dinner in Vienna's Ferris Wheel EUR 390.00 Candlelight dinner for two in the Wiener Riesenrad
Gift card for a candlelight dinner in the Viennese Giant Wheel, including wagon rental, service charge, welcome drink and three-course romantic menu with drinks for two persons. Wiener Riesenrad Candlelight Dinner gift vouchers are available in various designs, including: weddings, birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, and New Year.
Barouche city tour EUR 150.00 Sightseeing tour of the Vienna Old Town in a horse-drawn carriage
Gift card for a nostalgic horse-drawn carriage city tour in the Vienna Old Town. Perfect gift idea for people visiting Vienna - available in the following designs: birthday, Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, New Year, and wedding.

You will find further gift cards related to Vienna on our page "further gift ideas". If you want to order one of our gift cards, please send an email at !