The Viennese dance schools

dancing schools in ViennaAccording to the definition in the Austrian law, dancing schools are establishments in which ballroom dance is professionally taught. The Austrian law for dancing schools defines the words "professionally taught" ("erwerbsmäßige Unterricht") this way: a fixed price or any other volontary-based amount of money or service has to be payed in exchange for the classes. The professional running of a dancing school requires an official authorization from the government of the corresponding Austrian federal State. Due to the regulation of the profession and in virtue of the Austrian law, Austria's dancing schools are automatically registered as members of the Chamber of Commerce, category tourism and leisure industry, subcategory leisure industry.

The following Viennese dance schools are currently (last update: January 2011) entered in the companies register of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce:

List of the Viennese dancing schools

(in reversed order compared to the presentation on the website of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce)
Name and description of the dancing school Address Dancing classes
Dancing school Watzek
The dancing school Watzek is well-known throughout Vienna for its casual and easy-going atmosphere and its informal classes. The school has two big dance halls and a cosy lounge with a buffet, and is a place where one always feels good and can have a good time while learning how to dance. As a special offer, The Watzek dancing school organizes Viennese waltz private classes in English, German and a lot of other languages, which can be combined with a sightseeing tour in Vienna or any other tourist programme. Dance students from Vienna also enjoy the ballroom dance parties ("Perfektion") that take place four times a week (Thursday to Sunday) where they can practice - for a very reasonnable price - the steps they have learnt during the week.
Salzgries 12, 1010 Vienna, Austria
ballroom dances,
Viennese waltz,
slow fox,
paso doble,
belly dancing,
formation dance,
ballet classes for kids
Union Sportzentrum Altgasse 6, 1130 Vienna, Austria
Tatjana Schwebach 1220 Vienna, Wagramer Straße 94, DZ, Club Danube, Austria
Ing. Andreas Resch Sechshauser Straße 9, 1150 Vienna, Austria
Christa Pokorny Liesinger Platz 3 (Haus der Begegnung), 1230 Vienna, Austria
Klaus Mühlsiegl Schönbrunner Straße 249, 1120 Vienna, Austria
Reinhard Mikl Geiselbergstraße 26-32, 1110 Vienna, Austria
Thomas Lamp Brünner Straße 219, EKAZENT B 7, Top 32 (ground level), 1210 Vienna, Austria
Dancing school Heidenreich
(Ing. Peter Palmberger Gesellschaft m.b.H.)
Absberggasse 45a, 1100 Vienna, Austria
Klaus Hochstätter Alser Straße 47, 1080 Vienna, Austria
Edmund Franzen Hofwiesengasse 48, Volkshochschule Hietzing - Verein "Volkshochschule Hietzing", 1130 Vienna, Austria
Dancing school Chris
(Chris Lachmuth GesmbH)
Wehlistraße 150, 1020 Vienna, Austria
Franz Bierbach Eschenbachgasse 11, 1010 Vienna, Austria
Mag. Elisabeth Bierbach Getreidemarkt 12, 2nd basement floor, 1010 Vienna, Austria
Dance school Schmidtschläger
(Franz Wirtinger)
Mariahilfer Straße 8, 1070 Vienna, Austria
Dancing school Prof. Wagner
(Ing. Wolfgang Wagner)
Fleischmarkt 3-5, 1010 Vienna, Austria
Dance school Elmayer
(Tanzschule Willy Elmayer-Vestenbrugg Gesellschaft m.b.H.)
Bräunerstraße 13, 1010 Vienna, Austria
youth classes,
couple classes,
intensive classes,
senior dance classes,
private lessons,
manners and etiquette
Dancing school Step&Swing
(Tanzschule Step&Swing Die Tanzprofis GmbH)
Schloßhofer Straße 13, 1210 Vienna, Austria
Dancing school Schwebach
(Tanzschule Schwebach GmbH)
Jedleseer Straße 66-94, 1210 Vienna, Austria
Erdbergstraße 202, 1030 Vienna, Austria
Dance school Wiater
(Tanzschule Karl Schuh KG)
Martinstraße 96, 1180 Vienna, Austria
Dance school "Dick-Roy"
(Tanzschule "Dick-Roy" Zelenka KG)
Reichsratsstraße 3, 1010 Vienna, Austria
Dancing school Svabek
(Tanzschule Roman E. Svabek)
Judenplatz 5, 1010 Vienna, Austria
Dancing school Kreuzenstein
(Rainer Ruthammer)
Anton-Böck-Gasse 20, 1210 Vienna, Austria
Dance school Rueff
(Yvonne Rueff)
Friedrich-Schmidt-Platz 4, 1080 Vienna, Austria
Dance school Dorner
(Karin Lemberger)
Favoritenstrasse 20, 1040 Vienna, Austria
M: +43 664 212 37 37, T: +43 664 31 33 022
Dancing school Kopetzky
(Peter Kopetzky)
Neubaugasse 7, 1070 Vienna, Austria
Dancing school Immervoll
(Brigitte Eisele - Tanzschule Immervoll GesbR)
Hietzinger Hauptstraße 6, 1130 Vienna, Austria

Thanks to strict quality controls and to limited access to the profession of dance instructor - a dance instructor must have had at least three years of practice in a dancing school, have attended the professional school of the association of Vienna's dance instructors and have passed the official dance instructor examination - you can always be sure to get high-quality dancing classes - whatever Viennese dancing school you decide for - and to be satisfied with your dancing class. In order to help you make a decision between different atmospheres and different priorities, most of Vienna's dancing schools have an open day once a year - in some dance schools it is also possible to attend one taster course for free.'s advice

We would like to give you a hint to help you make your own opinion: if perfect manners are very important for you, then you should choose a dancing class in the dancing school Elmayer. If you prefer an informal atmosphere, then we really do recommend the dancing school Watzek.

Any question regarding Vienna's dancing schools?

If you have any question regarding any dance school in Vienna and their different dancing classes, the best way to get your answers is certainly to contact directly the respective dance school. Another alternative is to ask your questions to the association of Vienna's dance instructors ("Verband der Tanzlehrer Wiens"). We are also at your disposal to answer you - as far as we can - at - although we would like to remind you that we are no objective and uncompromising authority, but a private company, and that our advice may therefore be influenced by existing cooperations between our company and some dancing schools in Vienna.