Balls in Vienna

Viennese ball calendar: dates for balls in ViennaWhoever wants to dance the Viennese waltz in most authentic atmosphere and float on the dance floor to the most famous waltz melodies, should not fail to attend a ball in Vienna. There is an unbelievable amount of important and less important balls in Vienna every year, which makes it hard to develop a really fully complete Viennese ball calendar. This is why the team decided to publish a limited list of balls on this page, including only the most famous Viennese balls - and to add links to some other ball calendars which might include balls that do not appear on this page. If you are looking for information about a specific ball and cannot find it either on this page nor on any of the calendars listed in our links, then the best thing to do is to ask one of the Viennese dancing schools.

Important balls in Vienna

(last update: July 2011 - errors and omissions excepted)
Name of the ball Date Place of the event
Imperial Ball (Kaiserball) 31.12.2011 Hofburg Congress Center.
Flower Ball (Blumenball) 13.01.2012 Vienna City Hall.
Tirolerball 28.01.2012 Vienna City Hall. For Tyroleans and friends of Tyrol.
Ball der Vorarlberger 21.01.2012 Palais Ferstel. For dancers from Vorarlberg and friends of the province of Vorarlberg.
Ball der Oberösterreicher 21.01.2012 Austria Center. For dancers from Upper Austria and friends of the Land of Upper Austria.
TU Ball 26.01.2012 Hofburg Congress Center.
Medical Doctor's Ball (Ärzte Ball) 28.01.2012 Hofburg Congress Center.
Johann Strauss Ball 11.02.2012 Vienna Kursalon.
Viennese Coffee House Owners' Ball (Kaffeesieder Ball) 10.02.2012 Hofburg Palace: Congress Center and Redoute Rooms.
Opera Ball (Opernball) 16.02.2012 Vienna State Opera.
Bonbon Ball 17.02.2012 Vienna Konzerthaus.
Concordia Ball 15.06.2012 Vienna City Hall.

A few more ball calendars

(last update: July 2011 - no responsibility is taken for the contents of these websites)
Provider Address of the ball calendar Description
The City of Vienna Ball calendar published by the City of Vienna in the event directory of
FFWD Ball calendar for Austria in which balls are entered by their organisators themselves.
Johann Friembichler Extensive ball calendar for the whole Austria including around 200 balls. Handels GmbH Ball calendar for the whole Austria - published by a company offering ball and evening wear.

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