Welcome to walzerkurse.at!

Walzerkurse.at is a website about Viennese waltz and its meaning for the city of Vienna, Austria, written by the redaction team of City Tours Austria. This website informs you about:

  • The Viennese waltz: history, origins of the name, evolution and spreading of the waltz from the Middle Ages to modern days - as well as basic information about how and where to learn the Viennese waltz.
  • Well-known Viennese waltzes: a selection of some of the world-wide favourite Viennese waltzes composed by Johann Strauss the Father and the Son, Josef and Eduard Strauss, Josef Lanner and further eminent waltz composers - including YouTube Videos.
  • Main waltz composers: overview of some of the most famous Viennese waltz composers from Vienna - including a list of their main waltz compositions.
  • The waltz basic step: rapid technical description of the waltz including an analysis of the basic steps and the role of each individual step in the final movement as well as an introduction to the waltz frame and posture.
  • Timetable for waltz classes: overview of the main Viennese waltz classes in Vienna's various dancing schools.

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